Servicing, MOT's & Tyres

Servicing, MOT's & Tyres



MOT's = £25

We stock a wide range of tyres from the leading brands, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, and Anlas.

We hold all of the most popular sizes and current models in stock, to give you a truly ride in, ride out service.

If you want tyres which we don't have in stock , we can usually order them in for the following day.

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Got your own tyres? We can fit and balance them for you.

Servicing Centre


With the latest electronic diagnostic equipment, a fully equipped workshop, and fixed price menu servicing, you can be sure that your bike is in safe hands.

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We use fixed price menu-based servicing where possible, with no catches, no surprises, and no hidden charges.

We offer anything from a simple oil and filter change to a full service including valve clearance checks and adjustment.

It's not always possible to fix a price for a job. Where we charge by the hour, our standard hourly rate is £60, including VAT. Any job which doesn't form part of our fixed price menu servicing will include a £5 charge to cover sundries and waste disposal.

Fixed Price Menu (Inc Parts, Labour, & VAT)

Whats Included?

What's Included Base Service Interim Service Full Service
From £70 £145 £220
Change Oil & Filter Included Included Included
Full Safety Check Included Included Included
Lights and horn Included Included Included
Test Ride Included Included Included
Clean and adjust chain & sprockets Included Included
Clean and lubricate brake calipers Included Included
Lubricate control pivots Included Included
Re-set service light where necessary Included Included
Inspect spark plugs Included
Inspect air filter Included
Replace final transmission oil (shaft drives) Included
Carry out diagnostic scan and delete stored fault codes (where applicable) Included
Wash and wax Included

Where items indicate "check", an additional charge will be made if adjustments are required or parts need changing.

In the event that we discover additional work, we will call you to discuss how you would like us to proceed.

We never carry out any chargeable work without seeking your approval.


When it comes to your brakes, you simply can not afford to cut corners, which is why we use EBC brakes, and we keep a wide range of pads in stock.

If you would rather we use original manufacturers parts, we are happy to do so, and can usually order them for the following day.

Whenever we fit pads we check each caliper for overall condition, clean off the old brake dust, lubricate any sliders and ensure that the pistons move freely.

Should it be established that you require a caliper rebuild, replacement calipers or new discs we are more than happy to order the parts and book you in for the further work to be carried out.

We never carry out any chargeable work without seeking your approval.

Chain & Sprockets


We supply and fit Chain and Sprocket Kits to all makes and models of Motorcycle and offer a range of manufacturers and qualities.

We never carry out any chargeable work without seeking your approval.

Call 01795 899204 to book or book online now.


We have the latest fault finding and diagnostics equipment from Texa. This allows us to plug directly into the motorcycles wiring system to read error codes, check for faults and reset errors.

Current emissions legislation means that all new bikes are fitted with fuel injection with an ECU, which needs checking for fault codes, just like any other part of the bike.

The electronic systems on bikes are now very complex, with individual electronic systems for different parts of the bike (fuel-injection, CO adjustment, immobiliser, fault codes, service lamps, ABS). These electronic systems that can only be accessed using this type of equipment. 

Our Texa Navigator uses software with Bluetooth connection between the bike and an electronic tablet. We can then read and erase error messages, check system parameters, reset service warning lights, adjust fuelling, perform active tests and much more.

This service is carried out free of charge as part of our interim and full services, although we are happy to scan and check for fault codes at any time.

Also, if you've carried out your own service and just want the service light re-setting, we can do that too.

Call 01795 899204 to book or book online now.